Coalition Projects

Valentine’s Day Cards


Valentine‘s Day cards donated by the community and distributed to ALL Rogers County Elementary schools for those students in need.  RCB Bank and the Rogers County Courthouse partnered with the Coaltion for the 2019 event.  

Back to School Bash & Resource Fair


Back to School Bash & Resource Fair is going on it’s 5th year!  Multiple community partners come together to provide information and school supplies to help kick off the upcoming school year for Rogers County students.

Foster and Adoptive Mother’s Recognition


RCC recognized the counties Foster and Adoptive Mother’s with a small event and gifts for the mothers’.  Gift cards from Chili’s were provided to the mother’s.  

West Bend Winterland


RCC donated to the community’s winter wonderland ice skating rink helping to bring this fun family activity to Rogers County.  

Rustic Cuff Fundraiser


Rustic Cuff Fundraiser

Rogers County Resource Guides


Rogers County Resource Guide created and distributed to various community agencies.  Most recent Guide was created for 2018-2019.